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LA's Big Bike Parking Upgrade Finally Moving Forward

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It's been gone a long while, but the bike parking ordinance is back, baby. Almost. The ordinance, which would allow developers to swap car parking for bike parking at commercial and residential projects, was nearly passed in 2011 before it was sent back to the planning department "for a handful of technical corrections," according to Streetsblog LA. They report that the ordinance passed the City Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee yesterday, and could be voted on by the City Council as early as this month. As a city planner put it back in 2011, " "We're expanding where and how you can park your bike. We're providing design standards, down to the detail of where to put bike parking and how to increase visibility so we don't hide bike racks in the back of a building." In addition to providing bike parking through new corrals on public streets, the bike parking ordinance could significantly increase the amount of bike parking available at both residential and nonresidential developments. Up to 30 percent of the required car parking can be swapped out in favor of bike parking at commercial buildings, and up to 15 percent in residential projects (if the residential development is near transit).
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