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Jazzy 1930 Deco Duplex With Unfortunate Jazz-Fusion Kitchen

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Here's a joint we can easily imagine a headstrong heiress from a racy pre-Code picture swanning about in back in the day. Featured in David Gebhard and Robert Winter's Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles, as well as Arnold Schwartzman's Deco LAndmarks, this distinctive duplex on the corner of Third Street and Mansfield Avenue in Hancock Park was built circa 1930. Known as the Debra Apartments, it may have been designed by the illustrious CJ Smale, architect of several showstopping residences in the area, including the landmark Smith House. Now available for lease is the bottom unit of the duplex, which measures in at a commodious 3,000 square feet. The four-bedroom, three-bath apartment's winning features include a sunken living room with ten-foot-high step-tray ceilings, crown moldings, a gas fireplace, deco archways, oak floors, beautiful vintage tile, crystal doorknobs, and built-ins galore. In the negative column: its re-muddled kitchen and unattractive window bars. And of course there's also the fact that the prospective tenant has to be seriously in hay the oney-may: monthly rent is $5,700.