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Dodger Stadium Getting Life-Sized Bobbleheads, More Toilets, Better WiFi, and More

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The Dodgers unveiled their $100 million off-season updates to Dodger Stadium today, expected to be completed in time for the March 28 exhibition game against the Angels. The improvements are being overseen by the team's new senior VP of planning and development, Janet Marie Smith, who has a few other stadium upgrades under her belt; they've been expected since a new ownership group took over the team before the start of last season. The changes, for the most part, are not expected to take away from the stadium's vintage feel: "You will feel like you're in Dodger Stadium. We'll create a more comfortable feel while retaining the classic look," Dodger president Stan Kasten said.

Updates include, via the team's site:

-- The biggest, HDest video screens in sports going into the scoreboards over left and right field
-- The scoreboards will also both be returned to their original, hexagonal shape
-- Better, echo-minimizing sound system
-- New WiFi and cell antenna system
-- Wider concourses will be created by removing two to four rows of seats from the back of the from the back of the Field, Loge, Reserve and Upper Reserve levels (though the total number of seats should remain 56,000)
-- Additional locations for wheelchairs--each with a companion seat--on all levels
-- More and better (and greener) bathrooms, with 62 percent more fixtures for the ladies and 32 percent more for the fellas
-- New children's playgrounds with life-sized bobbleheads
-- New bullpen overlooks, which will also give a good view of the field
-- New home team clubhouse and new batting cages for both teams
-- About six feet of additional foul territory
-- New food stands (no details yet on what the new concessions will be).
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