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Long Beach's $1B Gerald Desmond Bridge Started Work Today

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Work officially started today on a replacement for the Gerald Desmond Bridge that connects the 710 and Terminal Island at the Port of Long Beach, The Source reports. The old GDB will stay up until the new $1 billion bridge is open--the first incarnation went up in 1968 and is in sad and scary condition, according to Caltrans (it also has to wear a diaper, thanks to falling debris). The bridge's 1.5-mile span will be about 50 feet taller than the old bridge, allowing modern, greener cargo ships to pass under. The upgrade includes additional vehicle lanes, three in each direction, plus safety lanes, as well as bike and pedestrian paths. According to materials from Caltrans, Metro, the Port of Long Beach, and the US Department of Transportation, which are all working on this mammoth undertaking, the new bridge will be an improvement on the former's steep grades, leading to traffic improvements. Construction is expected to take four years.
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Gerald Desmond Bridge

Gerald Desmond Bridge, Long Beach, CA