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1912 Craftsman and Ultra-Modern Studio in Pas Asking $639k

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At first glance, this new listing in Pasadena may look like your standard-issue Craftsman common to the Crown City; however, it's got a curveball up its sleeve. Sited on a 7,750-square-foot lot just east of Bungalow Heaven, the property contains a two-bedroom, two-bath bungalow built in 1912, along with an ultra-modern detached artist's studio designed by Peter Tolkin, the architect behind Fair Oaks Avenue's Saladang Song restaurant. Per the listing, the 1,172-square-foot main house has "a significant portion of its historic fabric intact," but its kitchen and baths have been updated. Other selling points include the house's "award-winning gardens" and "original Craftsman garage." Last sold in 1997 for $225,500, it's now asking $639,000.
· 1229 Sierra Bonita Avenue, Pasadena, CA [Crosby Doe]