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Santa Monica Wants to Rename Its Expo Line Stations

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To no one's surprise, Santa Monica has been very involved with the planning of the Expo Line light rail extension from Culver City to Colorado and Fourth Street (and that's a good thing!). The beach city was insistent that the line travel at surface-level through town--so people will be aware of it--and is planning ample development around the three SaMo stops. Now, city planners want to rejigger the names of the stations, according to the Santa Monica Patch. Planners want the Fourth/Colorado terminus changed to Downtown Santa Monica--they feel the name doesn't have to include the intersection and aren't nervous that the simplified moniker will keep tourists riders in the dark about the area's many amenities: "Metro staff has provided assurances that these [destinations] can be announced over the loudspeaker upon arrival to the station and will be included in all station area maps," according to a city report.

City planners and Santa Monica College officials want to change Colorado/17th Street to the many-lettered Colorado/17th Street/SMC to assist SMC students. Metro and the Expo construction authority aren't fond of including SMC because it's a good half-mile away from the station, rather than immediately adjacent (e.g., like the Expo/USC station).

City staffers also prefer 26 Street/Bergamot to the Olympic/26th Street station name, as Bergamot was used to identify this area when the Santa Monica Airline had a station there in the first half of the twentieth century. There's also an idea to name the stop 26th Street/Arts District, since there are lots of art galleries and proposed arts-focused developments nearby.
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