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Too-Close-Construction Wars in Silver Lake: Neighbor Ordered to Tear Down Parts of 1923 House

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Shocking twist! in the story of the Silver Lake builder who's putting up a house so close to his neighbor's, they'll be able to reach out and touch each other: the neighbor, the guy who was there first, has been ordered to tear down parts of his house. When homeowner Richard Kaye realized builder Chong Lee was building a three-story house within feet of his own house, he asked the city to void Lee's permits; but Lee claimed Kaye's balcony and garage are unpermitted and cross the property line (so he supposedly Wited-out those parts on the plans). And now the Department of Building & Safety agrees--it's ordered Kaye to tear down the balcony and garage by February 1: "It says the balcony is substandard because of deteriorated decking and floor supports. The balcony sticks about five feet over what the city says is the property line, and one corner of the garage sticks about a foot over the line," reports the LA Times.

Kaye claims that the balcony and garage are on the original 1923 plans for the house: "The house was built with cantilevers for the deck that come from the inside." He adds that he won't tear down anything ("I'll chain myself to the balcony. Let them come and arrest me."), but plans to take the matter to court.
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