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It's About to Get a Lot Harder to Get Into USC (Literally)

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Four people were shot at a USC Halloween party in October and now the university is instituting something of a lockdown at its University Park campus, "the first access restrictions to pedestrians at USC in modern history," according to ABC7 (prehistorically, of course, the campus was open to any and all dinosaurs). Pedestrian gates are being installed and they'll be closed every night between *9 pm and 6 am (cars with USC permits will be able to drive on any time). Guests will have to be registered with the school and have government ID to get on campus during those hours, and they'll only be able to go through the eight busiest gates (where guards will be stationed). The new policies are effective as of January 14, but "lightly used entrances" have already started closing either after business hours or after 9 pm, according to USC's website. Starting January 7, students and staff can register guests online. The full policy is here.
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