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See Brit Heiress's Makeover of the Spellings' Old Megamansion

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[Photos removed due to Petra Ecclestone's lawyers]

The wonderful Real Estalker points our way to a stash of photos showing the new look for Candy Spelling's old megamansion The Manor. British racing heiress Petra Ecclestone bought the Holmby Hills house in 2011 (along with her rarely-mentioned but douchey-sounding husband James Stunt) for $85 million--she immediately brought in 500 workers to overhaul all 56,500 square feet of it in just nine weeks--she told W last year that she'd brought in a lot of black and white, crystals, wacky art, a butler named Rodney, and a Union Jack. RE nails the new look: "a plush hybrid between a fancy boutique hotel, an upscale gentlemen's club and a high end department store." Click through the gallery above to check the damage, and make sure not to miss the massive dressing room, the cavernous kitchen, the his-and-hers bathrooms, the salon, or the bowling alley.
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The Manor

594 South Mapleton Drive, , CA 90024