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Saudi Royals Visit LA: Prada, Plastic Surgery, UCLA Extension

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Saudi Arabian society is incredibly restrictive, particularly for women (an enormous understatement, but we're trying not to bum you out during Saudi Billionaire Power Hour). So what do the insanely wealthy royals (there are 22,000!) do when they visit the leggings-as-pants capital of the world? The same thing every other rich housewife does, but times about a million. "American actress and part-time chauffeur Jayne Amelia Larson" wrote a tell-all book about her experience driving a group of royal Saudi women around Los Angeles during a seven-week stay, and the New York Post ran some details a few months back--first thing you should know is that the group brought "a literal chest full of dollars — $20 million in $100 notes." What else went down?

-- The group was greeted with "40 cars from Porsches to Bentleys."
-- One prince took extension classes at UCLA!
-- The women "were decked out in Prada, Gucci and Versace, looking like 'a bunch of Brazilian hotties going nightclubbing.'" Their servants were covered though.
-- "Trips to the plastic surgeon's office were made as lightly as picking out which restaurant to dine. Liposuction, breast implants, vaginal rejuvenation surgery (which Larson says was 'startlingly popular')."
-- Shopping, natch: "Bags of Jimmy Choo shoes, armloads of Christian Dior dresses and Hermes Birkin bags in every available color. A van trailed them and would make periodic runs back to the hotel to drop off their goods."
-- And, natch: "There were urgent requests for the new iPhone?"
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