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Old Koreatown Mixed-Use Tower Plans Back at 25 Stories

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Oh look, yet more development proposed for the area aroundthe Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in Koreatown (formerly the Ambassador Hotel)--and this one's a biggie. Developer Colony Holdings is reviving a plan to build a mixed-use apartment tower on Catalina Street just south of Eighth. Back in 2009, the City Council rejected plans for a 35-story tower with 270 units, groundfloor retail, and 663 parking spaces, according to CoStar (basically they thought it was wrong for the relatively low-/mid-rise neighborhood). Now Colony has submitted new plans for a 25-story tower with 227 units, 3,600 square feet of retail, and 500 parking spaces on six levels. According to the plans (pdf), the tower would have 185 two-bedrooms and 43 three-bedrooms ranging from 1,008 to 2,608 square feet, plus balconies. There would also be open space on a fifth-floor podium level. The City Council only has until February 27 to make a decision on the tower.
· Developer Revives Effort To Build Wilshire-Area Residential Tower [CoStar]