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Rumormonger: Saudi Megacompound Opponents Considered Building on the Property Themselves

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What's going on up on Tower Lane in Beverly Crest, where Saudi Prince Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz al Saud has been trying to build a 52,000 square feet megacompound, much to the chagrin of the super-wealthy neighbors? Well, last we heard, the prince had won a legal judgment against the city of LA that means he can keep moving ahead with the project; he still needs permits to actually build, however. A well-placed tipster tells us that the neighborhood is continuing to fight the project, led by Marsha Karsh, wife of Oaktree Capital Management cofounder Bruce Karsh--the Karshes live next door to the prince's property and apparently had looked into buying it themselves when it was on the market. They supposedly found that it would require too much work and that they'd have to jump through too many environmental hoops if they wanted to build there. Everyone's just hoping now that the prince downsizes again to something "more reasonable and to code," says our tipster, but if he doesn't, the Karshes aren't sure they want to stick around Tower Lane.
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