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A Nightmare on Elm Street House in Hollywood Now Super Hip and Selling For $2.1 Million

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Whoa, this is not the Thompson's house, it's not Ohio, and it is definitely not 1984--the Spaulding Square house that played 1428 Elm Street in A Nightmare on Elm Street has just hit the market and it's looking way flash. Aol Real Estate reported last year that the 1919 house was dire when owner Angie Hill bought it in 2006: "It was the only house on the street that looked beaten up.... The pool looked like it hadn't been touched in 10 years -- it was black." Hill spent a year on a gut reno (after she burned sage, natch): "I replaced every piece of wood and reconfigured the floor plan." (The facade is still recognizable.) It now has three bedrooms, three and a quarter bathrooms, a pool, guesthouse with kitchen and bathroom, built-ins, a master suite with a super fancy tub, and walnut floors. According to Redfin, Hill bought it for $1.15 million. She's now asking $2.1 million.
· 1428 North GENESEE Ave [Redfin]