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9 Amenities High-End Buyers Just Expect at This Point

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What are the must haves in the whale community these days? Expensive shit, naturally. We talked to several high-end brokers about the amenities their high-rolling clients simply cannot live without. As Brendan Fitzpatrick of The Agency put it, "no one ever required a bowling alley in their home," but if you're spending a couple million on a house, why not, right?

"Daily needs": Fitzpatrick says more and more high rollers are "bringing daily needs into the home." And no, he doesn't mean indoor plumbing, but things like hair salons, golf simulators, racquetball courts, bowling alleys, and giftwrapping rooms into houses.

But also the basics: Now and forever, great views are key.

For the fellas: "You have to have a room there for the husband, the man. Something he can get excited about," says Hugh Evans of Partners Trust. What makes a great male whale man cave? Dens, libraries, dressing rooms, or maybe a whole wing of the master bedroom suite.

Gyms: Whether a gym is little more than a bedroom conversion or comes complete with boxing ring and attached full spa, home gyms are such a reliable whale requirement that they may not even qualify as accessories.

Screening rooms: Same goes for home theaters--broker Jade Mills says most high-end buyers "want a fabulous screening room." Full theaters with projection booths aren't the hot item they once were, but screening rooms with concession stands, on the other hand...

Entertaining spaces: Loggias and bars are coming back. And while we're on the subject of drinking, a proper place to display one's wine collection was high on the list, too.

Tech: Whatever the latest is, they want it. iPad-controlled entertainment systems we get, but a security system that lets you watch your house on 10 different cameras while you're out of town seems like a funny way to spend a vacation.

Pleasure domes: Jason Oppenheim of Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills South tells us he once leased a property where Cher had built a huge dance floor; it also had a hookah room. Stripper poles also seem to be cropping up more and more lately.

And beyond...: Oppenheim also brings up the crazy gilded Turkish baths that megamansion builder Mohamed Hadid often includes: "literally these baths cost more than first people's homes."
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