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What Are the Consequences For Biker Marriage Proposal That Shut Down the 10 Freeway?

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Just to make it completely clear that over-the-top public marriage proposals are the worst, a group of bikers shut down the 10 Freeway in West Covina over the weekend and set off a cloud of pink smoke to help one dude propose to his girlfriend (and since friends had been warned and were waiting on an overpass, there are a ton of YouTube videos of the whole thing; see one below). And now the California Highway Patrol is on the case. "Possible citations include impeding or blocking traffic," according to the LA Times. One officer explains: "It's illegal ... They're not allowed to do that." According to KPCC, "numerous traffic citations have already been issued" for the incident and "investigators will now determine if the proposal resulted in violations worthy of felonies, such as accidents that may have caused injuries." Is this better or worse than the band who shut down the 101 during rush hour in 2010 to promote their shitty music? Those guys were charged with felonies and ultimately got just probation and community service.

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