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New Glossy Subway Hats Top Pershing Square, Civic Center

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After a year of work, the new subway canopies for the DTLA stations are now complete, reports Brigham Yen. The cover for the Civic Center station, smack dab in the middle of the new Grand Park, was installed late last year and now Pershing Square has its glassy hat on too. Many of Metro's underground stations will get the covers, which feature "elliptical laminated panelized glass roofs with a steel ring beam and steel structure providing weather protection, lighting, new iconic identity element, and information systems," according to the project's architect, New York-based STV Incorporated. The canopies will not only make the stations better lit, but also prevent people on the very lengthy escalators and stairs from getting drenched in inclement weather.
· New Modern Subway Station Canopies Installed in DTLA [Brigham Yen]