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Spring Street Park Trees Arrive, New South LA Green Spot

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DOWNTOWN: Spring Street Park's first trees are here, according to this picture from SkyscraperPage commenter Muji. The 0.7-acre space looks on track to open this summer and happily replaces a surface parking lot between the Rowan and El Dorado Lofts, on the northern end of Spring Street's action. Walking paths, an open lawn, seating, a water feature, art work, kids' play elements, and eco-friendly landscaping features are all on their way. [SkyscraperPage]

BROADWAY-MANCHESTER: Councilmember Jan Perry hosts a groundbreaking tomorrow morning for Wall Street Park, near Manchester Avenue and the 110. The green space is part of the city's 50 Parks Initiative, a public-private partnership that will add more than 170 acres of new open space to the city, including in many areas left blighted by the real estate crash. [Curbed Inbox]

Spring Street Park

426 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA