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Proposed Downtown Burbank Hotel Wants to Be Ped-Friendly

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[Update 3:20 pm: Image five now updated]

A new 210-room Hilton Garden Inn may soon be replacing "an existing retail building, auto repair shop and an auto sales lot" at Verdugo Avenue and San Fernando Boulevard in downtown Burbank, says the Burbank Leader. Florida-based development group FPG submitted a planning application for the hotel last month, citing Burbank's legacy as the "media capital of the world," its high hotel occupancy rate, and the location's proximity to the Burbank airport as drivers of the project. Burbank's planning board is reviewing the application, and they will have to vote to allow alcohol sales at the bar and 168 parking spaces instead of the 210 required for the hotel to proceed.

The developers say the proposed design "includes large sidewalks and an emphasis on the streetscape landscaping to help it connect with the walking culture of the Burbank Center Community and the use of brick, stucco, metal and glass will reinforce the urban and commercial aspects of the area."

If all goes according to plan, the hotel will be a stone's throw from the proposed largest Ikea in the nation. Happy news for the all those shoppers who can't face the drive home after a full day in what we hope will also be the nation's largest ball room.
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