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Kappe's Gertler House Listed With a Few Updates in Pac Pal

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Is there anyone more dedicated to the philosophy of "out with the old, in with the new" than Michael LaFetra? Following his usual "catch-and-release" pattern, the serial collector of modernist houses scooped up the Ray Kappe-designed Gertler House in June 2011 and is now tossing it back out onto the market after some tweaks and additions. Per Mr. LaFetra's website, the four-bedroom redwood-and-glass home's new features include a swimming pool, spa, koi pond, rooftop seating area, solar panels, built-in storage, media room, and "customized liquor storage room." Sited on a 9,288-square-foot lot, it's listed at $5.975 million.
· Kappe: 14623 Hilltree Road []
· 14623 HILLTREE Rd [Redfin]