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Two More Options For Regulating LA's Unregulated Pot Shops

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Los Angeles's eighty-seventh and eighty-eighth (approximate) attempts to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries have been introduced and are moving along. Last we heard, the city had unbanned the shops but was working on a proposal that would allow only 182 to stay open. Next up: an initiative that would allow 100 pot shops that were open before September 14, 2007 (when the city first attempted a moratorium). The measure has qualified for the May 21 ballot, but the City Council also has the opportunity to adopt it on its own. The City News Service reports that the Medical Marijuana Collectives Initiative Ordinance "would put into effect various restrictions on pot-shop operations, including hours of operation and location." The Council's expected to decide on what it'll do this month. Meanwhile, signatures are being checked on a petition for yet another medical marijuana initiative--this one "would place similar time and place restrictions on dispensaries, but would not limit the number to those that opened prior to the Sept. 14, 2007 cutoff." Dispensaries would have to be 500 to 1,000 feet from delicate locations like parks, libraries, and religious institutions, and would be taxed $60 on every $1,000 of pot sold. So many fun options for these regulations!
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