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Mixed-User Formerly Known as Chinatown Gateway Almost Done

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[Images via Brigham Yen]

The mixed-use building formerly known as Chinatown Gateway has been renamed the Jia Apartments and is heading toward completion, notes blogger Brigham Yen. After two years of construction, the six-story project topped out earlier this week and opens later this year, with 280 units (studio, one-, and two-bedrooms) and 17,000 square feet of retail (Yen believes Starbucks is close to inking a deal). Aside from activating some street life at Chinatown's edge, the project helps make the 12-year-old twin dragon gateway arch a bit more impressive--it was previously bookended by a 16-story senior housing tower and a massive parking lot (Jia replaced the latter). As far as the design, it's the responsibility of Thomas Cox Architects, behind both the gorgeous 5550 Wilshire development in Miracle Mile and the blah Sakura Crossing in Little Tokyo.
· Opening 2013: Jia Apartments, LA Chinatown's New Market-Rate Housing Tops Out [BY]

Chinatown Gateway

639 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA