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La Brea's Ribbony Affordable Apartments Officially On the Way

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West Hollywood's be-ribboned affordable housing project, Courtyard at La Brea, is moving forward with a ceremonial "beam signing" to "celebrate ... construction" after a moment of uncertainty for the development (work actually started last year). The 32-unit building, designed by Patrick Tighe and John Mutlow, is intended to "provide housing for low- and very-low income residents, as well as people with disabilities and transition-age youth," according to a press release on West Hollywood Patch. It includes two buildings that "enclose a central landscaped interior courtyard, which is open to the south. The entrance to the building is also on the south side, which is surrounded by a sculpturally woven white contemporary exterior." Courtyard was supposed to be built with money from West Hollywood's redevelopment agency. But when California shut down all the redevelopment agencies across the state, they had to hand in their funding. In December, the state finance department rejected West Hollywood's request that the money for this project be returned, and the project was briefly put on hold. (It was once scheduled to break ground by the end of 2011.)

West Hollywood stepped up and offered to loan the city's Affordable Housing Trust Fund the required cash for the $14.8 million apartment building. The Courtyard should be open in the fall. This is yet another piece of the crazy apartmentification wave sweeping La Brea along the WeHo/LA border.
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