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North Hollywood Psyched to Get One of LA's New Pocket Parks

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A much-needed new pocket park opened in North Hollywood today and people are very excited about it. One visitor who grew up near the new Fulton Avenue Park told North Hollywood Patch that "it would have been a fantastic blessing to have been able to walk to this park." This is the latest addition courtesy of the city's 50 Parks Initiative, which brings open space to park-poor neighborhoods by spiffing up underused land. This newest pocket park is on the former site of a Department of Water and Power yard and is quite small--0.2 acres--but that hasn't dampened the enthusiasm. Paul Krekorian, the local City Councilmember, called the park a "new great treasure" and said that Fulton Avenue and Vanowen Street "is now an intersection that should be the pride of North Hollywood." A nine-year-old boy vowed, perhaps optimistically, that "I'm not gonna watch a lot of TV, now I'm gonna come to the park," while an LA Department of Recreation and Parks must have gone off script when he declared "this is not a park or a playground now, this could be a spaceship. This could be an ocean-liner." Uh, if you say so. This is the seventh spaceshi--er, park to be built as part of the program, and another 10 are under construction.
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