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Watch a Film Shot Staring Up at the Sky on a Ride Through LA

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SKYWARD-4MIN-vimeo copy from KC+BB on Vimeo.

"Skyward is a film about LA and about cars, but we never really see either," as Co.Design says. Artist Kevin Cooley shot the piece a few years ago--it appears to be a single shot taken from a camera pointed up at the sky as it rides through town (but actually Cooley carefully cut together lots of different footage): "Jet trails and palm tree fronds flit around the frame as Cooley's camera moves from downtown to the hills of Palos Verdes, with cameos by blimps, bees, and the crowns of landmark buildings." Skyward premiered in Williamsburg for some reason last week, projected on a screen installed on the ceiling of an industrial space. Making the film actually inspired Cooley to move from Brooklyn to LA though.
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