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Spring St. Parklets to Have Foosball, Dining, Pregnant Hipsters

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Highland Park gets its new parklets--parking spots turned into tiny recreational spots--on Saturday, and El Sereno gets some next month. In between, DTLA's highly-gentrified Spring Street, between Sixth and Seventh, gets its own on February 7 and blogdowntown got its hands on the renderings. The design, from *the DLANC Complete Streets Working Group, includes lots of exercise equipment, space to eat and drink, planters with landscaping, and foosball (?). The idea behind the parklets is to activate the sidewalk and provide some respite in our park-poor city. Spring Street is getting a lot of fun new toys besides the parklets too, including a bike lane and a new adult-size park on the northern end of the street.

· Renderings released for new Spring Street parklets [blogdowntown]