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Red Line Subway Turns 20, LA and Paris Talk Art-chitecture

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DOWNTOWN TO MACARTHUR PARK: LA's first modern subway opened 20 years ago today, on January 29, 1993. And it had taken 20 years to get there, according to the opening-day speech from then-Mayor Tom Bradley. Phase one ran four and a half miles from Union Station to MacArthur Park; it was the second line to open after the Blue Line, which debuted in 1990. (The early-twentieth-century commuter rail system known as the Red Cars died of auto-inflicted wounds in the early '60s.) Even at 20 years old, though, it's "still the youngest subway system on the American continent," according to The Source, which also shares this delightfully '90s video (and more). [The Source]

WEST HOLLYWOOD/MIRACLE MILE: Aw, Paris and Los Angeles are having a little lovefest curated by LA-based French architect Francois Perrin and hosted by the MAK Center for Art and Architecture and ForYourArt. From the press release: "DIALOGUES: Art/Architecture, Paris/Los Angeles, an event in several modes that brings together artists and architects from Paris and L.A. to share their experiences and ideas. Leading off will be a series of three discussions at the Schindler House, followed by an exhibition of drawings and models at ForYourArt, as well as a final panel discussion for the launch of the publication that will gather works by the participants, documentation of their exchanges, and essays." Artists/architects include Barbara Bestor, Escher GuneWardena, Xavier Veilhan, Peter Zellner, Didier Faustino, Doug Aitken, Piero Golia, and many more. Events start tomorrow and run through April; A/N has the whole schedule here. [Curbed Inbox]