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LA's Rich and Powerful Examined: Whale Week Begins Now

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Right this second marks the commencement of Curbed's inaugural Whale Week, a five-day examination of the "whales"--the high-rollers, big spenders, and power brokers--within the world of Los Angeles real estate. Throughout the week, look for maps, guides, and profiles of the city's foremost whales, past and present. For Whale Week, all three verticals within the Curbed Network--Curbed, Racked, and Eater--have joined forces, so play along on Racked LA and Eater LA, too.

As always, reader contributions are very much welcome. Are you an LA real estate high-roller who'd like to share the diary of your home search? A broker, designer, or architect who works frequently with high-end buyers? A person of less-than-super-high income who's spotted a listing perfect for the whales of our city? Please send your tips and thoughts along to us at This will be fun!
· Whale Week 2013 [Curbed LA]