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American Apparel's Mannequin Warehouse, NELA's Riverfront District

[Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

This Week's Top Stories: Some sort of spaceman talks smack about LA after flying over it, but will he say it to our faces? To make our City prettier from above LA is building more mass transit and less pavement -- here are 40 transit projects in greater-Los Angeles currently in the works. Curbed goes inside Rodney Walker's gorgeous home in Ojai, now available for $2.95 million for one lucky buyer. A big chunk of Northeast LA is being targeted for a "Riverfront District" around the portion of the LA River that runs through the neighborhood, with plans for bike sharing, car sharing, food growing and other Portlandia friendly ideas. Curbed goes inside the creepy, soon-to-be-vacated, warehouse of American Apparel and meets its mannequin army. Target's plans for a store on a blighted block in Hollywood continues to be thwarted by CEQA abuse, as yet another lawsuit is filed. The future of LA's Arts District may be bleak for actual artists too poor to pay for sky high rents, but all those brewpubs, farm fresh food purveyors, and interest from celebrities may signal a turn around for the neighborhood.