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LA's First Parklets Open in Feb., Sidewalk Updates on Sepulveda

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HIGHLAND PARK/DOWNTOWN/EL SERENO: The parklets are nearly here: LA is set to debut its first four parking-spots-to-parks projects in February. The York Boulevard parklet in Highland Park will have a grand opening on February 2; the two Spring Street parklets Downtown will open on February 7; and the Huntington Drive parklet in El Sereno arrives February 16. LA's been behind the curve on these baby parks--San Francisco and Long Beach have been going nuts for them--but the hope is that these first projects will lead to more. [Curbed Inbox]

WESTCHESTER: Even Westchester is getting some greenwork done: work started last weekend on Sepulveda Boulevard to switch out some nasty ficus trees for "two new species whose roots will cause less damage to the sidewalk." The trees will be replaced at a three-to-one ratio starting in the spring, when the area will also get new sidewalks with "a meandering design feature on the west side of Sepulveda." [Curbed Inbox]