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LA River Could Be Open For Summer Fun in Atwater Village

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It's already shaping up to be the Year of the LA River: the Army Corps of Engineers is working on a restoration and access plan for the concrete channel (now an official "navigable waterway") and now local officials are considering opening up a soft-bottomed portion in Atwater Village for all kinds of public fun. An area near the Sepulveda Basin has been open to kayaking tours for a couple years now; the new plans focus on a five-mile stretch in the Glendale Narrows, starting at the North Atwater Park and running south to Elysian Valley--they would allow "non-motorized boating, hiking and fishing" from May 27 to September 2 this year, according to the Glendale News-Press.

Echo Park Patch adds that the river would be open sunrise to sundown and that recreation on this stretch "would be 'self-directed' and free" (unlike the guided tours in Sepulveda). Bikes and pets would sadly be prohibited. Anyone who wanted would be able to access the river from parks in Frogtown, the Elysian Valley, and North Atwater. The city is taking public comment on the plan (pdf) through January 31 (with the first public meeting tomorrow); then the City Council will take its turn.
· Input sought on recreational options for portion of L.A. River closer to Glendale [GNP]
· L.A. River's Glendale Narrows on Track to Open for Boating, Recreation This Summer [EP Patch]

North Atwater Park

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