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LA River Park Construction, Special Spago at AKA Bev Hills

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SILVER LAKE: The Franklin Avenue blog grabs a few photos of the little 3.4-acre Sunnynook Park, which broke ground last summer on the western bank of the LA River by the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge. Looks like things are coming along nicely; when it's all finished (probably in the spring), it'll have native plantings, picnic areas, an outdoor classroom, and a new filtration system. Sunnynook runs along the natural-bottomed Glendale Narrows portion of the river, which is getting just so much love lately. [Franklin Avenue, image via]

BEVERLY HILLS: Could things get tonier at the extended-stay AKA Beverly Hills hotel? Yes: there is now Spago In-Suite, "an exclusive menu featuring key specialty items from Wolfgang Puck's legendary flagship restaurant, Spago, in Beverly Hills, in addition to a rotating list of daily specialty entrees created by the master chef, that residents can enjoy in the comfort of their own fully-equipped, top-of-the-line kitchen." This is apparently the first time that Spago, which abuts the hotel, has offered room service or delivery. AKA guests also get preferred seating at the restaurant. [Curbed Inbox]

AKA Beverly Hills

155 N. Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills, CA