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Here Are SoCal's 40 Planned Transportation Projects

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Reconnecting America, a nonprofit that "advises civic and community leaders on how to overcome community development challenges," has updated its online map of the country's major transit projects. Greater LA features a whopping 40 projects, though that includes rail and bus lines that are just twinkles in planners' eyes, as well as projects servicing areas that most in LA would consider the hinterlands, e.g. aerial trams in San Bernardino and Metrolink connections in Redlands. Regardless, Southern California has more big ticket transit projects than anywhere in the nation save for greater DC; double that of greater New York City and 10 more than the Chicago area. The most expensive LA project? The Purple Line extension to Westwood, which is in pre-construction and will cost more than $6 billion when completed, according to the site.

Here's a full list of all the projects, with their names, their status, and their pricetags.

1) Gold Line Foothill Extension Phase I light rail/ Construction/ $735 million

2) E Street Bus Rapid Transit Corridor/ Construction/ $192 million

3) Expo Line Phase II light rail/ Construction/ $1.5 billion

4) Crenshaw/LAX light rail/ Construction/ $1.749 billion

5) Perris Valley Line commuter rail/ Engineering/ $248 million

6) Westside Subway Extension/ Engineering / $6.29 billion

7) Regional Connector light rail/ Engineering/ $1.366

8) Wilshire BRT/ Engineering/ $32 million

9) Downtown LA Streetcar/ Engineering/ $125 million

10) Redlands Rail Line Phase 1 commuter rail/ Engineering/ $130-150

11) San Fernando Valley Corridors Phase 1 BRT/ Alternatives Analysis study/ $13 million

12) West Santa Ana Transit Corridor/ AA/ $1.075 - 3.217 million

13) Gold Line Foothill Extension Phase 2 light rail (to Montclair)/ AA/ $850 million

14) Gold Line Eastside Transit Corridor Phase II light rail/ AA/ $1.8 - 2.2. billion

15) Metro Green Line South Bay Extension light rail/ AA/ $555 million

16) Aerial Tram San Bernardino to Big Bear/ AA/ $2.8 -5 million

17) East San Fernando Valley Corridor BRT or LRT/ AA/ $158 million

18) Green Line to LAX light rail or people mover/ AA/ $110 - 1.270 million

19) Anaheim Rapid Connection streetcar/ Engineering/ $319 million

20) Santa Ana and Garden Grove Fixed Guideway streetcar/ AA/ $180 - 250 million

21) Gold Line Foothill Extension Phase 3 (to Ontario Airport) light rail/ Future Plan/ $308 - 399 million

22) Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor subway/light rail/BRT/ Future Plan/ $2.468 billion

23) Foothill Blvd East sbX BRT/ Future Plan/ $215 million

24) Holt Avenue/4th Street BRT/ Future Plan/ $208 million

25) Euclid Avenue to Corona BRT/ Future Plan/ $179 million

26) San Bernadino Avenue BRT/ Future Plan/ $119 million

27) Foothill Blvd West BRT/ Future Plan/ $166 million

28) Grand/Edison Avenues BRT/ Future Plan/ $179 million

29) Sierra Avenues BRT/ Future Plan/ $79 million

30) Riverside Avenues BRT/ Future Plan/ $174 milliom

31) Haven Avenues BRT/ Future Plan/ $109 million

32) Fullerton Streetcar/ Future Plan/ ?

33) Harbor Blvd. BRT (Fullerton to Costa Mesa)/ Future Plan/ ?

34) Westminster/17th BRT (Santa Ana to Long Beach)/ Future Plan/ ?

35) Bristol/State College BRT (Brea Mall-Irvine Transportation Ctr.)/ Future Plan/ ?

36) La Palma BRT/ Future Plan/ ?

37) Beach Blvd. BRT/ Future Plan/ ?

38) Edinger BRT/ Future Plan/ ?

39) Katella BRT/ Future Plan/ ?

40) Coachella to LA Commuter Rail/ Future Plan/ ? Rendering of Purple Line subway station via Metro
· 2013 Transit Space Race Projects [Reconnecting America]