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Renewed East Hollywood Target Hit With Even More Challenges

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Oh, East Hollywood Target, you cannot catch a break: the project, planned for a pretty dead area at Sunset and Western, was first proposed in 2009 and approved by the city in 2010. But it was hit with two legal challenges and Target decided to surrender entitlements that same year--it then went back to do a full environmental impact report on the development. The plans reemerged at the beginning of 2012 and started making their way, once again, through the approvals process last summer. In November, the City Council voted in favor of the project. Except they didn't, according to a challenge brought by the La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Association and lawyer Robert Silverstein (Those names may sound familiar if you follow Hollywood development: La Mirada and/or Silverstein have challenged the Emerson College project, the Old Spaghetti Factory tower, the Hollywood/Gower tower, Blvd6200, and more; they also filed a lawsuit against the Target back in 2010.). They say that "the November hearing on the Target project had not been properly listed on the council agenda," according to the LA Business Journal (sub. req.) and got the city to reschedule the vote. Meanwhile, they've also filed a lawsuit challenging the Target's environmental impact report.

The latest Hollywood Target proposal calls for an approximately 164,000 square foot store with 30,000 square feet of other retail/restaurant use and 458 parking spaces, most likely on three levels. While some locals complain the block is "blighted" waiting for this project, Silverstein says the Target will lead to "more traffic, less parking and a less livable community." La Mirada head (and only publicly-named member) Doug Haines says he wants a one-story project.

The city could reconsider the Target next month and it's "expected to sail through approvals," but after that it'll have to tangle with the courts.
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