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Highland Park Doesn't Want Transit Village Threatening Parking

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It would sit near a Gold Line station, fill up three parking lots, and has already significantly shrunk in size, but some in Highland Park are still not sure about the proposed Highland Park Transit Village, according to HP Patch. The project is set to include 80 condos and apartments spread among three mixed-use buildings. At a meeting on Thursday hosted by developers McCormack, Baron, Salazar, many attendees shivered at the thought of--what else--reduced parking (225 spots would be lost). One idea floated is to give residents of the HPTV reduced rates at meters to discourage parking on nearby residential streets. While parking produced the most rage, there was also discontent over the height of the structures (three-ish stories--see their imposing exteriors in the renderings), and requests for the developers to build a community center, which they seemed amenable to. And some people did come to the meeting without their pitchforks to support the project. As far as a groundbreaking: so far there's not even an approximate date.
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