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Unfinished SaMo Megamansion Now Finished, Asking $35MM

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This Richard Landry-designed megamansion by the Riviera Country Club really illuminates the dual nature of the universe: it is both in Santa Monica and not, it has been both finished and not, its price has been both chopped and upped. We first saw it back in 2010 when it was more or less a pile of two by fours and some dirt (and asking $17.995 million, eventually chopped to $13.995 million). Word was that the owners were sick of dealing with permit issues--a particular hassle because the property sits in both Santa Monica and the city of LA--and decided to list it as-was. That didn't work out and the house was finally pulled off the market in mid-2011. Now it's been finished and has revealed itself as a seven-bedroom, 13-bathroom with a limestone staircase, a library, a 25-person dining room, two kitchens, a breakfast room, a flat yard, a pool and spa, an indoor half-basketball court, a gym, "spa facilities," a screening room, a 15-car garage, and a 2,500-square-foot master bedroom suite. (Thank God the recession's over and we can all stop pretending it's anything but awesome to have a master suite that could house a family of five, right?) It all sits on 1.35 acres and is asking $34.995 million.
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