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Wilshire Grand Under Wraps, Money For the Children's Museum

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DOWNTOWN: The Wilshire Grand is not being fumigated; it's being carefully dismantled, floor by floor, to make way for a new 70-story hotel/office building. A tipster sends in this photo of the shrouded site, which is apparently an asbestos hot bed. Meanwhile, a hotel operator is expected to be announced this month. [Curbed Inbox]

LAKE VIEW TERRACE: Things are finally starting to happen for the never-opened Children's Museum of Los Angeles, which has been sitting finished but empty for years. The OC's Discovery Science Center signed a deal last year to operate the museum, but funding has still been tricky. Now the LA Business Journal reports (sub. req.) that the DSC "will receive $4.7 million in tax-advantaged financing from U.S. Bank" to help them open the museum. The story also mentions that the project will create "250 construction jobs during the renovation." [LABJ]

Wilshire Grand

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