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Santa Monica Could Crack Down on Palisades Park Exercisers

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The last few years have been agonizingly free of dramatic stories about crazy Santa Monica exercisers (last seen clogging a couple of public stairways), but they are back with a vengeance for 2013, baby!: the city is considering regulating exercise classes at parks and on beaches and could cut way back on the number of exercisers allowed in Palisades Park. Proposed rules would require "that fitness trainers who conduct workouts in Santa Monica's parks and on its beaches pay an annual $100 fee and turn over 15 percent of their gross revenues to the city," reports the AP. In Palisades Park, the city is "considering limiting exercise class sizes there to no more than two students per trainer." One city official says "other [Palisades] park users are complaining about fitness enthusiasts not only blocking pedestrian walkways but also making too much noise, killing the park's grass with their weights and damaging its trees and benches with all the exercise gadgets they connect to them." There're also concerns over liability if someone were to be injured. Trainers say they're already insured and paying the city for permits and businesses licenses. The city has punted on discussing the potential new regulations until "at least March," but in the meanwhile "city officials are looking at what restrictions they might put on the use of weights, bands and other equipment."
· It's a fight over fitness in Santa Monica's parks [AP]