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Curbed Goes Inside Capitol Records, Highland Park is Hot

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[Inside the Capitol Records Building. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

This Week's Top Stories: Soon-to-be-father/Hansel, Jeremy Renner has gone cray-cray with his latest flip in Holmby Hills. Listing site Redfin has crunched the numbers and determined that Highland Park is the hottest up-and-coming neighborhood for the year 2013. After years of wondering, Curbed finally takes us inside the Capitol Records building to show what the building looks like from the inside. LA City (not necessarily LA drivers) is getting friendlier to the bicycling community with new standards for bike parking and parking reductions. Add another rendering to that Never Built Los Angeles project -- the Frank Gehry designed towers for Related's Grand Avenue development have been scrapped in favor of who knows what. Metro's grand plan to bring north-south mass transit to the Valley has been narrowed down to two potential modes of transport -- a light rail line or bus rapid transit, both down Van Nuys Boulevard. Renderings of a more gentle, staircase and foliage lined LA River have popped up as plans to remake the river into something less terrifying move forward.