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You Are Being Watched in the San Fernando Valley

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As if the Valley couldn't get more hellscapey (totally kidding, Valleyites), the LAPD is now watching everyone's every move. They've installed 16 new high-tech cameras in the southwestern Valley ("most atop traffic signals or light poles," according to the Daily News), and now they're keeping tabs from a control room in Reseda (well, actually, it's most volunteers keeping tabs). This set joins cameras in North Hills and Panorama City. Officers can move the cameras 360 degrees with joysticks; the DN says these cameras are the LAPD's most advanced yet: "They can show an entire store and parking lot, then zoom in seconds so a person walking out of the store fills the screen. With 35x zoom, they can recognize faces from 600 feet." They also run on a 4G network. Money for the system ($680,000) came from ad sales on street furniture. An LAPD captain says so far the cameras haven't led to any arrests.
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