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1920s Duplex With Regrettable Updates in the Hollywood Hills

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"Listen carefully and you can almost hear the clacking typewriter of a young Billy Wilder or James M. Cain working on their first screenplays, or the excited sounds of an as yet undiscovered Myrna Loy rushing about preparing for an audition. Such is the romance of this exquisite 1920s Vine Hills duplex nestled in the quiet dells just above Hollywood Blvd.," begins the fanciful copy for this new listing. Alas, the romance begins to fizzle with the next line--"Upstairs owner's unit (delivered vacant!) has been brilliantly updated with granite, stone, fine woods, custom metal work, modern infrastructure and fine finishes"--and the accompanying photo gallery also fails to make our heart go pitter-patter. Oh well. Last sold as a three-bedroom, two-bath in 2010 for $675,000, the 1,944-square-foot duplex is now listed as a four-bedroom, two-bath at $819,000.
· 2052 IVAR Ave [Redfin]