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Downtowner Pesters City Into Taking Down Bogus No Turn Sign

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There's a folk hero tale being passed around out of Downtown--SoCal Connected sings the ballad of DJ Prator who spent three months and 26 days getting the city to deal with a questionable "no right turns between 3 and 6 pm" sign at Seventh and Broadway. As Prator and SC both note, the weirdo sign (the only one Downtown and placed so it was difficult to see) disproportionately affected the neighborhood's Latino population. Tickets were $234 and the LAPD would sometimes have a stack of cars lined up for citation. The sign went up 15 years ago, but Prator just noticed the trouble last year. He started standing on the sidewalk warning drivers and he looked into its origins--turns out, there was no record of who had authorized the sign to be placed or why. After causing enough trouble (including taking photos of traffic cops), eventually a city engineer contacted Prator and told him the sign would be taken down. It was removed on October 31 last year. And thus a thousand new single-issue neighborhood activists are born.
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