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Altadena Ranch With Hidden Bar and Stairwell Asking $485k

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"You know the story," the copy for this new listing in Altadena confides chummily. "A contractor from the 1940s builds a house ... hidden bar, hidden stairwell, over-engineers beams and rooms, but doesn't get everything permitted." Oh, that old story. "Subsequent owners come and decide, 'hey, we should count the Totality of the Home' and now are going to the County to get additions made 'Official.' The owner expects to have the permits for the additions that were made over 40 years ago by the time escrow closes; however, if you need a fast escrow, you might want to be prepared to work with the County." If the preceding doesn't cause you to run away screaming, other pertinent details about the 2,360 square foot residence are that it officially features four bedrooms, one full bath, one three-quarters bath, and one half-bath; hardwood, tile, and cement floors, beamed ceilings, a brick fireplace, a Franklin stove, and a swimming pool. Sited on an 8,658-square-foot lot a few blocks west of the Altadena Library, it's listed at $485,000.
· 268 E ALTADENA Dr [Redfin]