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Henry's Tacos Signs Will Hang in New Valley Relics Museum

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Decades-old Valley institution Henry's Tacos closed Sunday night and just a few hours later its Googie-style signs and menus were gone. While a Henry's employee plans to reopen the restaurant in a new location with "the old location's ambience," he's not, as previously reported, going to be using the original signs. Those have gone to the San Fernando Valley Relics preservation group, which plans to put them in a new museum it's working on (this despite "even movie producers" clamoring to get their hands on them), reports the Daily News. (The new Henry's signs will be modeled on the originals.) SFV Relics has stashed "some 10,000 Valley treasures" in a 20,000 square foot factory in North Hollywood--goods include a "handwritten letter by Isaac Newton Van Nuys recalling his journey from the East Coast to Napa in the 1860s," the 1958 sign from the White Horse Inn, a 1940s Jessup Farms Dairy wagon, and "nearly a century of yearbooks from Van Nuys and San Fernando high schools" (which sounds like potentially the greatest collection of haircuts ever). The group plans to open its Valley Relics Museum in early May.
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