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Gold Line-Adjacent Highland Park Transit Village Ready to Go

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The Highland Park Transit Village, in the works for at least five years, and approved by the city in 2011, is finally seeing some momentum. The Highland Park Neighborhood Council is inviting affordable housing developer McCormack Baron Salazar to discuss their project's next steps at a public meeting tomorrow night, Eastsider LA reports. The project is proposed for two surface parking lots on Marmion Way and one on Avenue 56--the lots all hug the neighborhood's Gold Line station and are owned by the Department of Transportation--and has been scaled back from its original version (pictured). Surprise, surprise: locals cried foul at the thought of 101 new housing units in quaint HP. The three developments now feature a total of 80 units, with 20 condos and the rest as rentals, plus a plethora of affordable units and underground parking. Back in 2010, two of the Transit village's buildings had retail, while one building was made up of only seven condos. It's not clear if the latest iteration is mixed-use, but all will be known tomorrow.
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