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JR Ewing's Former Ocean View Penthouse in Santa Monica

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Back in the '80s, the big question was "Who shot JR?" (from the original Dallas, youngsters). This week, we'd like to know who shot JR's--that is, Larry Hagman's--apartment, because their abuse of HDR borders on criminal. The listing's still life arrangement of a cowboy hat, a couple cans of JR beer, a bottle of red wine, and two glasses is also a bit questionable, but moving on. Per the copy, the recently deceased actor's penthouse condo in the 101 Ocean Drive high-rise complex "simulates a permanently docked mega yacht." Located on the 10-story building's eighth floor, the 3,029-square-foot unit features two bedrooms, two and a half baths, floor-to-ceiling windows offering views to Catalina, a mountain of marble, and a "semi private glass elevator" that opens directly into the apartment. Asking price for the penthouse is $5.2 million, plus monthly HOA dues of $2,420, so here's hoping they throw in the framed portrait of of money with it.
· 101 Ocean Avenue Unit A800 Santa Monica, CA [Estately]