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Echo Park Lake Refill Begins, Lady of the Lake Statue Returns

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The Echo Park Lake rehab is set to finish up in the spring, but the lake is already starting to look a bit like its old self again. The Eastsider LA shares the photo above from Jeremy Simon--the lake has been empty for nearly two years, but has started to fill up again recently: "last month the process of officially refilling the lake with 26 million gallons of water began and is expected to be completed by the end of February." Meanwhile, local landmark Lady of the Lake was replaced yesterday in its original location, at "the tip of a peninsula that juts into the northern part of the lake" (photo below). The 1930s-era statue (which always seems to be saying "Whoa, hey, I don't want any trouble," at least when her hands are in place) was taken off the peninsula in the '80s and moved to the east side of the lake in the '90s.

Echo Park Lake

751 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA