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San Pedro's Huge Ponte Vista Downsizes Again: to 830 Units

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Ponte Vista, San Pedro's incredible shrinking development, has shrunk once more. The master-planned community was at one pointed slated to include 2,300 residential units plus retail. Then the developer behind that idea filed for bankruptcy, and the site was taken over by iStar, who more than halved the number of units and eliminated the retail aspect altogether. The draft environmental impact report on their smaller, 1,135-unit option was released in November, and this week iStar is back with an even smaller option (included in the DEIR as an alternative): Ponte Vista will now have "only" 830 units, with a mix of single family houses, condos, and townhouses. (If iStar called the project "suburban" at 1,135 units, what does that make this version?) The developer notes that "the community and Councilmember Joe Buscaino overwhelmingly prefer the 830-unit alternative" presented in the DEIR for the 61.5 acre site. Fewer houses means that the amount of open space in the project has nearly doubled, to 18 percent, and will include pocket parks, playgrounds and publicly accessible biking and hiking trails. The new plan will make the development less dense than adjacent residential development The Gardens.
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