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LAX's Terminal 1 Getting a Makeover, Going All-Southwest

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The LAX news is coming fast and furious in 2013. In addition to proposals to move the northern runway and obliterate a ghost town, the Board of Airport Commissioners voted Monday to fund a major overhaul of Terminal 1, home to Southwest Airlines. The proposal, which will need to be approved by the City Council, would "build a new checked baggage security system, improve passenger security checkpoints, refresh passenger waiting areas, refurbish the baggage claim area, construct new passenger boarding bridges and renovate the terminal lobby," according to the Daily Breeze. The airline would kick in about $16 million towards the renovations, with Los Angeles World Airports, which operates the airport, funding the rest of the $400 million project.

And if you think a $400 million investment ought to result in something pretty spiffy, the executive director of LAWA has a note of caution. Said Gina Marie Lindsey: "I want to manage expectations here. While $400 million is a lot of money, it doesn't result in a brand new, sparkling, gleaming, terminal. But it will make some very important functional improvements."

As part of the project, US Airways will move out of Terminal 1, giving Southwest the run of the place, and Southwest will drop their legal claims against the airport operator if the renovation goes forward (They had been in dispute over how fees were charged to the airline.). If all goes according to plan, Southwest will sign a new lease through June 2024.
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