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Streetcar Out, Light Rail or Busway In for Van Nuys Boulevard

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Metro is getting closer to figuring out which specific plan they'll go with for the proposed East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor project, a north-south line from San Fernando to Sherman Oaks, reports The Source. The Alternative Analysis study for the project, released yesterday, indicates Metro has winnowed down the options from six (which included a streetcar and various lines on Sepulveda Boulevard) to two: a 11.2-mile light rail (pictured) running along a dedicated route, mostly along Van Nuys Boulevard, and a 12-mile bus rapid transit project--like the Orange Line--running on another mostly dedicated route on Van Nuys. The former will cost a lot more, between $1.8 and $2.3 billion, with the BRT costing between $280 and $580 million. Metro's studies indicate the train will attract more than 37,000 daily riders a day, with the BRT not much behind with more than 33,000.

While a line along Sepulveda was considered, that option didn't make the final cut, likely because buses on Van Nuys Boulevard are much more packed and the Orange Line and Metrolink/Amtrak have stations right on Van Nuys.

Metro wants the project to open by 2018, which seems they still haven't secured full funding yet. A board of the agency will decide tomorrow on moving the project to the next stage--a draft environmental impact report.
· Alternatives Analysis released for East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor project; bus rapid transit and light rail on Van Nuys Boulevard recommended for further study [The Source]