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Bill Clinton Hits Vine Street, Cheremoya School Makeover

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HOLLYWOOD: Ooh, sad old Vine Street got fancy last night for a night as Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant, and Adam Lambert came out for the opening of Step Up on Vine, which remade the sad old Galaxy Inn into rainbow bright supportive housing for mentally ill, formerly homeless people. The project has 34 units, groundfloor retail, community space, a computer lab, a commercial kitchen, and a cafe, and, we like to think, is the first step toward a fresher Vine. [Daily Mail]

HOLLYWOOD HILLS: Cheremoya Avenue Elementary is getting a makeover--a new garden, a Club Cheremoya (to "do homework, watch a basketball game, hang out with friends, conduct an outdoor classroom"), a new entrance lounge, new planters and citrus trees, and a little painting, according to the newsletter for the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association. The work happens January 26 and 27. [Curbed Inbox]

Galaxy Inn

1057 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA